Collector Coin Slab Display Cases

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Our collector coin slab display case collection features 4 items including standing display racks and wall-mounted cabinets that come in the colors Oak, Walnut, Cherry, and Black.

  • 24 Collector NGC PCGS ICG Coin Slab Display
  • 42 Collector NGC PCGS ICG Coin Slab Display
  • 2 Row Challenge Coin Display Rack
  • 4 Row Challenge Display Rack

The included wall mounting hardware allows for easy hanging. Add on an LED picture light or a personalized engraving plate for an even more eye-catching display.

Keep your cherished items safe and protected from dust, damage, and fading for many years to come with our UV protection and ultra-clear acrylic, brass locks, and quality beech hardwood.

If your passion for collecting extends beyond collecting coins, we are eager to help you find the perfect display solutions. View more products here or contact us for personalized assistance.  

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